Types Of Lifts

Before you are able to purchase a stair chair lift you must first know which one you are able to use in your home. There are three different types of lifts; curved, straight, and outdoor. Each one has different requirements and can only be used in certain types of homes or with certain types of staircases.


The curved stair chair lift is the most expensive type that you can choose from. Any curved lift that you buy must first be custom built to work with the type of stairs that you have. People who have long, winding staircases are not able to simply install any model of lift. Instead they must measure the length of the staircase and the manufacturer must then build it so that it will twist smoothly with the staircase.

One of the biggest disadvantages to this is that it is not just expensive – but it is the only one that cannot be resold. This means that if you need this type of lift you do not have the option to purchase it used or to take it with you to a new home.


The straight lift is the most common and the most affordable lift to choose from. This is used on staircases that go straight up and down. All you have to do when ordering these is to give the length of the staircase to the manufacturer. You have the option to purchase these used and to resell or bring them with you if you should ever move.


The outdoor lift is the only type that can be used outdoors (as its name implies). This is designed with components and parts that are able to withstand the extreme temperatures and the fluctuating weather. These are usually small and installed on apartment buildings or porch steps.