Rent Or Own

Anytime we consider purchasing anything we take the time that is needed to question the amount of money we are about to spend. A stair chair lift is an important piece of equipment for people – but for some it is not covered under their insurance. If they are lucky it might be partially covered – but they will still have to pay a large sum before they can receive it.

It is for this reason that many people consider the option of renting rather then purchasing a model for their home. Is it better to rent than own? Will it save them money? These are important questions that can only be answered after you have necessary information.


A brand new stair chair lift will cost you anywhere between $1,600 to $4,000. This price does not include tax, delivery, and the cost of installation. When you add it all up you could be spending an extra $300 to $500 if not more. For people with little to no insurance plans this can put a dent into their income. In order to help you decide you should think about why you need it.

Are you permanently disabled?
Is it worth the money?
Will you be living at the house for a long time?
Is there more than one person using it?

If you said yes to each of these then you should consider buying as the way to go. You could end up by saving hundreds of dollars and putting good use to it. If you end up not needing it as long you could always try to sell it to a manufacturer and get some of your money back. If you want to save some money you could always purchase a used model.


Your other option is to rent a lift. This option is considered more by people who only planning on using this for a short time period and when they have a straight staircase. When you rent you will have to pay a deposit which would cost anywhere between $900 to $1,500. On top of this deposit you will have to pay a monthly fee between $100 to $300.

For some people this will save them a great deal of money and for others it will end up costing them a great deal more. Consider carefully and calculate all the charges to figure out what will save you the most money.