Added Features

If you are going to purchase a stair chair lift than you will be planning on using it for a few months or even years. If you are going to spend that much money on this than you should consider purchasing a model that has all of the necessary features to make it all worthwhile.

Although there are many different types of manufacturers they all offer similar features for each model. Below we have a list of the most popular features that we feel you should consider and how they will make using your lift easier than you would have imagined. While some of these features may come standard – you may find that you have to pay extra for others.


It is possible to purchase models that have unique sensors built into the front of the chair. These sensors will stop the lift if someone or something is standing in its way. This is useful if you have pets or small children who do not understand what the chair is or how it works.


It is important that you be able to stop the lift smoothly and easily for any reason. Look for a model that uses electronic and mechanical brakes.

Multiple Remote Controls

Each lift is designed with a special joystick built into the arm of the chair. This is used to move the chair up or down and to stop it appropriately. We feel that you should also have a lift that uses a wireless remote control. This is ideal for multiple users or for anyone who has children that like to play on it.

Seat Belt

This is a necessary feature that should never be overlooked. Most manufacturers have this included on every model that they make for no extra charge as a way to keep every user safe.